July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday!

to the man, the legend, the Mantid..... THE TREVOR!!!!


  1. Remember that time when Trevor was back in New York for the weekend and we decided it would be a good idea to fill his dorm room with balloons? And Halo night, and kidnapping Steve in the van, and 6 am philosophy, and that time we crowded 13 people into his room to watch House?

    Those were some of the best days of my life, and I think that's true for all of us. In order to keep this from becoming too serious, however, I will now include a photograph which I feel conveys our sentiments:

    Happy Day, Trev. May it bring you one step closer to your fascist regime-- or at least one step closer to your dear devoted cult.


  2. Dear Trevor,

    I am so glad that I was lucky enough to have you as a lab partner for that first gen chem lab. As you will recall, of course, it was an EPIC DISASTER. But the best part is how incidental the epic fail was to the story, because rather than going our separate ways, with an amusing horror story about my lab partner, I was lucky enough to become your friend.

    I will echo the above posts by noting that you became the center of our social group by being a friend par excellance. You were always ready to help, to host the friday night party/movie/halo session, to listen and give advice. I feel your absence keenly in Chicago, especially our Friday lunches.

    I wish you all the very best in the year to come!


  3. I'm honored to be considered a Mantid/eligible to sign this card/blog...clod? Anyway...

    Happy birthday, brother. You're a fantastic human being -- and a pain in the ass, but it's one of your more endearing qualities.

    Love you!

  4. For your bday enjoyment:



  5. The thing I miss most about the UofC is Trevor's dorm room - a.k.a The Mantid Lounge. Living across the hall and becoming part of the tribe was the best part of college for me. That and the girlfriend stealing....

    Here's to a wonderful friend, neighbor, bartender, and generally all-around excellent human being! Have a happysuperfantastic birthday!

    There is only passion.


  6. Trevor, Trev, T-Rev, Darth Maghra, Lord Maghra, Mantis Lord, Joker, Dante. The man goes by many names; he goes by many faces. He is a great host, a wonderful storyteller, an amazing friend, a pretty awesome cook, and an ok gamer. But to me, perhaps most importantly, he is a great teacher, a collector and generous sharer of eclectic wisdom.

    Under his vigil, I now know the proper ways to hold and fight with a lightsaber; I have learned that it is ok, and in fact encouraged to dislike the Jews; I have learned that percoset makes you good at Halo (ahhhh, that's the stuff); I now know more than most people about proper Iguana care and habits; I know the rule of one and the rule of two; and I have learned that Bloxor's is probably where you go when you die if you haven't been a good person.

    Trev, have an awesome birthday. I know you want to be an old man, but try to enjoy 26. That's still pretty young. I mean, sure Einstein discovered Special Relativity then, and Beethoven had written several masterpieces already, but no pressure, it's not a race.

    Keep 'batin,

  7. I must say that I never enjoyed poorly dubbed Japanese video games as much as when we were young college students and hanging out in your Palace of Procrastination and trying on your hats/jackets/Sith robes and ordering in food because we were completely unwilling to go out in -10 degree weather. Knowing you gave me the opportunity to name all my Facebook albums after Magic the Gathering sets, and I cannot thank you enough for that.

    And I wish I were clever enough to write a witty comment about how amazing that time was, and how great it is to see you however sporadically every year. But alas I am not! So I will just write: I miss you!

    Happy birthday Trev - I hope it is filled with geeky awesomeness!

    Love, Little One

    P.S. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-mRY5NoABAyk/TjippHAz8dI/AAAAAAAAAXU/MQlZZH-kO48/s512/south_america.gif

  8. I have Magic the Gathering on the brain lately, so my memory-share is MtG related. Remember that time you tried to play drunk!Magic and you somehow thought that I (who was also drunk) was the person to ask if you had enough mana to combo, when all I knew was that at some point your deck would vomit dragons on command and kill me? Good times.

    Here's wishing you another another amazing, badass, geektastick birthday. May it be filled with magic or Magic or both.

    Also, this blog post is srsly lacking in the macro department.


  9. The fact that I cannot html code in these comments is cramping my birthday party style. D:


    So I'm just going to have to do this the old fashioned way. :D





    And in conclusion: http://bit.ly/o1FMR5

  10. After spending five days straight running multiple summer camps for insanely rowdy children, I have very little energy to do anything but sit and watch TV. But then, as has already been mentioned, watching TV has been part of some of my greatest memories. We were able to have so much fun just watching House or Heroes together that we enraged an entire house of college students, which I think makes us badass.

    Speaking of TV, I've had to do some blood spatter experiments at the museum to figure out activities for the camp etc, which I refer to as "playing Dexter" when talking to other instructors. Without hearing me say that, however, one of the managers has started calling me Dexter. At work. My job is kind of awesome and occasionally disturbing.

    (Main result of my experiments: a new recipe for fake blood that looks real and spatters properly and is not only edible but fairly tasty--soy sauce and food coloring!)

    Anyway, this Dexter is wishing you a bloody awesome birthday. And yes, I really just said that.

  11. Dear Trevor,

    It all started with Halo and Scav Hunt. Truthfully, isn't that a wonderful start to a friendship? It was our first Scav Hunt - all the 08's and 07's were there - and Akio, Meghan, Jess, Hannah, Trevor and I sat down in the BJ courtyard and had tea together. Scav Hunt fascilitated the meeting, but it was the pure joy in recognizing geek pride in another that spurred our conversations that afternoon. At one of the computer terminals that evening, when I was just sitting by myself, Trevor sits next to me and INSISTS I watch the HD trailor for HALO 3. Trev, I gotta say you were pretty magnificent in that moment. One of the best things about meeting people at our school was everyone's passion and hyperarticulation of their subjects of devotion, but your sheer energy and conviction in winning over another into Halo fandom was just downright infectious. From there, you just welcomed the Coulter contigent into the Mantid fold, and shop talk about video games and movies in groups inevitably led to intimate conversations wherein we shared our insecurities and dreams into the early hours. You and I always had these unflinching examinations of self and a lot of honest things were said in your room. Fast forward to last fall and you and I are doing the same in your apartment in Washington Heights. It's less Halo and more Starcraft this time around, but the trust is still there. And I love you for it.

    I'm grateful for your friendship every day Trevor. And it was such an honor to get to know your family in New York and recognize their influences in your unique makeup. To put faces to names, and hear and see where a specific laugh or quirk in you originates from. One of the best nights in New York was hearing you spin your tales when Pat's mom was in town. I definitely saw your Uncle Rob in you then. And your generosity stems from your mother's character - which I saw in Sasha too. New York was a learning experience for me in so many ways, but first and foremost I will remember your warm welcome. =)

    With regards to movies, TV, etc, your tastes are flawless as ever and I'm always itching to hear what new story has captured your imagination. I love seeing Jose's FB updates with hilariously inappropriate quotes attributed to you and I can just HEAR you and SEE your expressions as I read them. That's when I know how much I miss your company.

    Happy birthday Trevor! You mean so much to all of us. I love you very much!


  12. Dear Trev,

    Happy Birthday! Though I have MANY Mantid memories (and some I've forgotten thanks to fuzzy navels and washington apples), the one that reminds me most of what an amazing friend you are was before the Mantids came to be.

    1st year. Living across-the-hall-ish from each other. One day end of October/beginning of November I'd had a weird day and was in a funk. Apparently I wasn't hiding it very well, and you bounded up, giving me a hug. I'm not much of a hugger and it caught me by surprise. What caught me more by surprise was how much I appreciated it and how the simple hug brightened my day. It was the first hug I'd received since going moving to school, and was apparently greatly needed - though I didn't even realize that was what I was missing until it was already happening.

    I'm sure you don't remember it, but it meant a lot to me, and is still the perfect example to me of one reason you are such a great friend - the ability to see what other people need, and give it to them happily (even if they don't know they need it).

    Happy Birthday Friend! Can't wait to see you in ZOMG LESS THAN A MONTH!!!


  13. Hope you enjoyed! We all love you tons, birthday boy. Have a great day and an amazing year!! (yes, that's an order :)