October 18, 2011

Everything New is New...Again.

So, not 48 hours after posting an advertisement for my blog via FaceBook (no strangers, you may NOT friend me), I went and changed a whole bunch of stuff.  We've got a new URL, a new background, a new-ish format, and a new title.

Welcome to One Frame of Mind!

With the focus of my blog being largely my opinions on large (and minor) social issues, I thought a new title was in order.  I had a great topic in mind for my inaugural post on the new blog format, but unfortunately it's too long so I'm still trimming it down to something manageable.  As such, consider this a place-holder. 

Don't despair though! With a new title comes new enthusiasm for the idea behind it, and now that I've decided to put myself on a schedule (which the astute among you will have noticed I'm not very good at sticking to) you can expect weekly content from me regarding whatever happens to come across my brain.

Before I close out on you though, I have a few quick announcements, and some of them are even interactive:

1) NYComiCon was excellent and my aforementioned inaugural post will cover the subject matter it inspired - come back next week for the final cut.

2) I already run a daily content list-host at my job called The Daily Dose and it covers (in a much, much smaller space) some of the stuff I hit on here, but it has an interactive aspect to it once a week where I pose questions meant to be answered by my readers.  As an example of this, a ways back I asked my readers at work "If they were the only options, would you rather be hated or ignored" and posted the results anonymously in the next e-mail.  My question for you this week: do you want me to include an interactive post of this open-ended nature?  How often?

And finally, 3) I call upon all of my artistic friends to lend me your talents! One Frame of Mind is the kind of title that lends itself to a cool logo or image banner rather than simple text in a font I find appealing.  So, in that spirit, I ask you to submit to me (at darthmantid@gmail.com) any images you can conjure up (must be original lest the copyright lawyers come knocking on my door) that reflects the title and tone of the site.  I'll pick the winner based solely on the image I find most appealing and it will become the title banner of the blog. 

Well that wraps up the new introduction. I look forward to your comments, and questions.  Feel free to let me know what you think of the new format and what you think works or doesn't work.  I really love posting content and talking (in person or digitally) about all the ideas we dredge up with these little exercises, so I want feedback to make it better and more interesting. 

Thanks, as always, to the Mantids for setting this up in the first place; I hope I can make you all proud.

Until next time,

I'm Trevor, and that's my Frame of Mind.


  1. Not to sound closed-minded, but... would you consider resizing your Frame of mind to display a little better on smaller monitors? (For some reason this layout is forcing a slightly-wider-than-my-screen frame size for the blog posts, which is slightly obnoxious to read.)

    As for the dose-esque polls, I love polls! So, more polls, by all means.

  2. I like the new look so far, but I have the same problem as Pat B about it being wider-than my screen. I hate horizontal scrolling!

    Look forward to the upcoming posts.